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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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Enclosure Units

These very compact units fit easily on the side of cabinets or enclosures, are ETL listed for Class I, Division 2 Areas, and provide stable, temperature controlled environments. Since they recirculate air, they also function easily with pressurization units you may require to protect unclassified equipment. These units range in size from 2,000 to 20,000 BTUH, and feature PLC touch-screen controls along with optional painted steel or stainless steel cases!

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Through Wall Units

As a compact and versatile solution, Bebco provides the world’s most advanced ETL Listed through wall and window mount 9,000 to 28,000 BTUH air conditioners and 9,000 to 18,000 BTUH heat pumps. All units feature PLC touch screen controls and a flexible power cord to speed installation and maintenance! Options include corrosion resistant coatings, economical painted steel or corrosion resistant stainless steel cases and chassis!

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Split System Units

Bebco offers mini and large split system evaporator and condenser units as a unique solution to room cooling and heating needs. They feature remote controls, install easily, and are offered with a single evaporator for small spaces or up to 5 evaporators to distribute conditioned air throughout larger spaces or multiple rooms! Best of all, they’re available with carbon steel or stainless steel cases with optional coil coatings in sizes up to 25 tons!

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Roof Mount Units

Specifically designed for small or portable cabins, these ETL listed units are offered in commercial and stainless steel housings to satisfy either highly cost conscious or highly corrosive area needs in 13,500 and 15,000 BTUH capacities. Their unique low profile and very small footprint make them ideal for mud loggers, wire-line cabins and crew lodge cabins for onshore and offshore rigs! Ask about our low-profile pressurizers to complement these units!

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Packaged & Pad Mount Units

For ground level or roof-top locations, Bebco offers packaged and pad mount HVAC units with capacities ranging up to 100 tons! These units are available with painted steel or stainless steel cases versatile end, side or bottom discharges, certified corrosion resistant coil and chassis coatings, integrated pressurization and gas phase filtration. They may also feature on-board electro-mechanical controls or remote touch-screen controls!

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Wall Mount Units

Our most popular product line is offered in 1 to 50 ton capacities! Options include smart PLC controls, reverse air flow, and VFD controlled ventilation or pressurization. We also offer integrated gas phase filtration, painted steel or stainless steel housings and optional coil, tubing and chassis coatings. Best of all, many units feature unique slide-out controls and condenser fan assemblies, in single, redundant or dual side-by-side configurations!

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Building Pressurization Units

Bebco UL listed Whisper-Drive® pressurization units are America’s superior stand-alone solution for compliance with NFPA Code 496. These units are available in four wall mount or remote mount sizes with painted steel or stainless steel seal-welded housings. They feature variable speed controls, advanced programming features, and we also offer a complete range of accessories, including intake stacks, alarm devices and gas sensors!

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Building Ventilation Units

Bebco offers a broad range of explosion proof fans for positive and negative ventilation applications. We offer these fan and blower units in many sizes and configurations, in economical painted steel or industrial duty stainless steel housings. They can feature manual or motorized dampers, adjustable wall mount flanges, curb flanges, air filters and rain shields. We also offer all essential accessories, including basic or advanced control systems!

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Gas Phase Filtration Units

These two and three stage filtration units may be integrated, wall mounted or floor mounted! We offer deep media beds, activated carbon honeycomb cartridges or easily serviced media cell cartridges, and washable, impregnated or pleated pre-filters and post filters. These units reduce contaminants such as H2S, SO2, NOX, VOC, chlorine or ammonia to create a clean, corrosion-free environment, and can also accomplish NFPA 496 pressurization!

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Fully Integrated Solutions

Our dynamic capabilities allow us to produce fully integrated air conditioning, heating, pressurization, ventilation and gas phase filtration units in a wide range of configurations. Options include standard or reverse flow, and dual side-by-side redundant wall mount units, and packaged or pad mount units with any style of discharge. We also provide complete ductwork systems, advanced PLC control systems and every essential accessory you'll need!

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Custom Solutions

From redundant high volume blower systems for the mining industry to large scale chiller units with integrated air handlers, we do it all! Whether you need special controls, exotic materials or unique configurations, look to Bebco when your application cannot be satisfied by standard products! We crave the opportunity to resolve your unique problems precisely and effectively by fabricating a product to your exact specs! Need a custom solution? Call us!

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