The Value of Insulation...

As you sit in your office or your favorite chair at home, imagine for a moment what it would be like if there was no insulation in the walls or roof, and no weather seals to prevent the infiltration of outdoor air.

The air conditioning and heating system that provides comfort for you and your co-workers or family would have to work as much as three times harder to keep pace with the demand and would therefore have to be up to three times larger.

The same is true of enclosure HVAC equipment. Equipment heat loads can sometimes be extreme, which is hard enough to overcome.  But if this demand is compounded by  a lack of insulation and unimpeded air infiltration, HVAC equipment will be strained even more and you could easily experience tripled long-term operating expenses.

That's why Bebco strongly recommends the utilization of insulation and effective gaskets on all climate controlled enclosures.  The front-end costs of these value adding features will significantly reduce your unit size and save energy, while helping us all to create a more sustainable environment!
Try some of these typical insulation values to see the difference in your calculations!
Material R-Value Range
1/2" Foil-Lined Thermal Insulation Foam Board 2 - 4
1" Foil-Lined Thermal Insulation Foam Board 4 - 8
2" Foil-Lined Thermal Insulation Foam Board 8 - 12
3" Foil-Lined Thermal Insulation Foam Board 12 - 24
R-Value per Inch is dependant on material type - consult with a Bebco Sales Associate for more information!
Learn more at this link: US Department of Energy Insulation Foam Board Guide
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