Give us your information, and we'll do the rest!
Dimensions, Insulation
& Exposed Surfaces
Finish, Material, Location
& Air Changes
Temperature Ranges
& Equipment Heat Load
Dimensions: Select Metric units if preferred and input external enclosure dimensions.
Insulation: Input R-Value as applicable or enter "0" if the enclosure is not insulated.
Exposed Surfaces: Check all sides which are not exposed to the ambient temperature conditions surrounding the enclosure, regardless of indoor or outdoor location.
As an example, an enclosure that's mounted directly to a floor and against a wall should lead you to check "Back" and "Rear".
Finish: Select a light or dark finish for painted surfaces or "Bare Metal" for unpainted surfaces.
Material: Select metal or plastic material, using plastic for other materials such as fiberglass.
Location: Select a location based on practical knowledge.  Exposure to sunlight at any time of the day should lead you to select "Sunlit".
Air Changes: Even the best built enclosure will leak to some degree, so the lowest value is 0.5.
Higher ranges are provided for applications such as dilution - feel free to call us for details.
Temperature Ranges: The temperatures you input will have a very dramatic effect on the size and efficiency of the Air Conditioner.
Please therefore use the appropriate link below if needed to determine the broadest outdoor temperatures and input the broadest internal temperature range possible.
Equipment Heat Load: Select "BTUH" units if required and input highest value assuming the continuous operation of all equipment. 
Please feel free to call for help, if needed.
Now, we're ready to size your unit!
When you complete all fields above, we'll be ready to give you results.  You can get new results by changing any value above and recalculating, and feel free to print at any time!
To begin, we give you the total and exposed surface areas of the enclosure for your reference.
We then give you the required cooling BTUH and heating WATTS to address your application.
Finally, we recommended the most practical Bebco Air Conditioner and Heater Unit sizes.
Best of all, we're ready to help you at any time - just give us a call, and tell us what you need!
Learn more at these links: US Weather - Average Temperatures   World Climate
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